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At JKAN Gastroenterology PLLC, we are known for providing the highest quality colonoscopy in NYC. Nancy Lau MD, the lead endoscopist, is a trained and certified professional with many years of experience. She is one of the best colonoscopy doctors in NYC.

When you come to JKAN Gastroenterology PLLC for your colonoscopy, you will have the option of choosing when to have your procedure. In addition, you can choose who will perform the procedure. We provide quality NYC colonoscopy Upper East Side at affordable rates.


JKAN Gastroenterology makes colonoscopy and colon cancer screening and prevention program conveniently accessible to patients in New York City. We also do bowel preparation, which eliminates the need for costly visits to the pharmacy for the same procedure.

Expert Service

When it comes to endoscopy, experience can make the difference between a successful procedure and a botched colonoscopy. Our team has experienced professionals in the field of gastroenterology and colorectal surgery.

Our specialists have the requisite training and experience to perform colonoscopy procedures. In addition, we have specialty-training nurses to provide pre-surgery and post-surgery care to our patients.

Well Equipped Facility

We have designed our endoscopy facility with our patients’ ultimate comfort in mind. Everything in our facility is designed to keep our patients comfortable and have peace of mind before, during, and after colonoscopy.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art machines for performing colonoscopy and other gastroenterology procedures. In addition, we provide continuity of care for patients with cancer and other endoscopic complications. Our specialists are known worldwide for their expertise. We provide our patients with a full array of treatments at JKAN Gastroenterology PLLC.

Full Patient Care

We offer our patients a wide array of sedation options. Patients have different attitudes towards sedation; some prefer to be awake during the procedure while others want total sedation to eliminate anxiety. JKAN Gastroenterology offers monitored anesthesia to ensure our patients remain relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure.

How Do You Prepare For a Colonoscopy?

Once you arrive at our colonoscopy center in New York, one of the members of our staff will greet you, offer you a seat in the waiting lounge, and confirm your details. Afterward, a nurse will lead you to the preparation area before the procedure.

The nurse will verify your identity and check if you have any underlying medical conditions, including allergies. We usually advise our patients to provide us with all the information about their medical history and the medication they are currently taking. We will make all the necessary arrangements for your trip back home after the procedure. Our nurses will also check your pulse and blood pressure before the surgery.

We will ask you to change into a hospital gown before the procedure. In addition, you will be required to sign a consent form.

Post Colonoscopy Care

Once the procedure is complete, our nurses will escort you to the recovery area for you to rest. We will also offer refreshments once you are ready. The sedation may take about half an hour to wear off.

JKAN Gastroenterology PLLC is a premier health facility offering high-quality endoscopy services. Please call us for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.


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